The Skullcrusher Ahn'Qiraj War Supplies Sweepstakes

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The Skullcrusher Ahn'Qiraj War Supplies Sweepstakes

Post by Nopher » 08 Jan 2006, 22:38

Last Resort needs YOUR help to gather materials for the Ahn'Qiraj War Effort. Even though we know that rewards will be available for players at all levels we don't expect the entire server to get excited about something that seems to be geared towards guilds like ours, so we've decided to sweeten the pot.

Prices range from epic items, cash to a full Molten Core clearing together with 4 friends. To find out more read here.

We would like to give propher credits for this idea to Fires of Heaven and apologize for the shameless copying!
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Post by Dazel » 09 Jan 2006, 00:49

i think you should include the sulfuron ingots in this part of post :!:
# Grand Prize Winners and their 4 friends can loot whatever they want in Molten Core/Onlyixa *but* the loot must be USABLE by the player(s) in question. They can then do with it what they wish (disenchant, etc) but it must be usable by their class to be eligible. All other loot will be distributed by Last Resort officers. EXCEPTION: Legendary items.
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Post by Crustypete » 09 Jan 2006, 04:33

you shall all see the ticket list filled up with cruztypete
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Post by Michael » 09 Jan 2006, 05:17

Squirrels are evul

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Post by Ovid » 09 Jan 2006, 05:26

damn... i hope that doesnt go for members

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Post by Tuuli » 09 Jan 2006, 08:34



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Post by Darki » 09 Jan 2006, 08:53

Im scared :shock:
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Post by Ruga » 09 Jan 2006, 09:21

I contributed stuff to you guys aswell!

do I get tickets too? :oops:

tix plz!

On another note:

Fusion will hold same thing as you guys do on Alliance side. We got the idea from that guild aswell :x

we just didn't want to start it while you guys were doing the quest.

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Post by Michael » 09 Jan 2006, 22:59

Yeah, just show up outside MC for your complimentary MC run Ruga, no problemo!

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Post by rocx » 10 Jan 2006, 14:51

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Post by kreml » 10 Jan 2006, 18:51

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